Our mission is simple: we want you to have a great time experiencing our city, and we believe the best way to do that is one bite at a time. Whether you're an Omaha native, new to town, or just passing through, our tours, classes, and events are sure to please your palette!











A farm girl from East-Central Nebraska, I moved to Omaha in 2002 and married an Omaha boy in 2004. “Foodie” isn’t a word I would have ever used to describe myself until recently.


When Omaha Culinary Tours owner Suzanne entered my life in 2005 I had no idea how much fun was headed my way. She started OCT in 2013, encouraged me to join her in her new venture as a tour guide, and after just a few experiences I was hooked! Needless to say, as the Tours & Events Director, I’m all-in and will try (nearly) anything you put in front of me now. I love working directly with each and every client to make sure their experience is customized to meet and exceed the needs of the group leading up to and throughout the event.



I married a Nebraska boy and since then, I love sharing the rich history of Omaha with locals and visitors alike! The culture and the historical stories all make Omaha the food and people mecca it is today. We love to support local businesses and cheer others on as they begin or continue their culinary and family legacy.

I regularly get asked on tours, “What is your favorite tour?” My answer...”The one I’m on!” The guests on each tour, the awesome owners we partner with, and the deep history Omaha is fortunate to enjoy is the #1 reason I love being a part of Omaha Culinary Tours!


Born and raised in Omaha, I have experienced the changes of this city’s landscape firsthand. Stories of yesterday combined with the talents of today make for an exciting yet informative tour experience. I am always pleased to see how our clients connect with each other through food. It is literally my “treat” to be your guide. There’s so much talent to share!


I have been able to call Omaha home for the past 30 years.  I attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where I found my first love of being a tour guide  to new students and parents at the University. Omaha is so fortunate to have an array of many restaurants.  And like most Omahans, I love food! At Omaha Culinary Tours, we explore many different styles of restaurants -- from the restaurants that have been well known for decades and passed down generations, to the new chef wanting to please every dietary need and palate, to the chemist brewing a delicious craft beer. I am amazed at their drive and passion and it is shown in their food.  Leading tours is always exciting. It’s fun to share the rocky past of Omaha as well as the vibrant present. I’m always delighted to learn new things from people on my tour, whether they hail from Omaha or are visiting from as far as the UK!


I grew up in Western Iowa, just an hour and a half from Omaha. My dad came to the stockyards and I even showed cattle at Ak-Sar-Ben. My husband's company is headquartered here so we always knew we would find ourselves in Omaha. 


I am amazed at the culinary history in Omaha and Nebraska and love to share both of those with others. One of the things I love most about the tours is trying foods that are typically outside of my comfort zone and seeing others do the same and like them as well. For a larger city, our culinary scene has a local feel with lots of innovative, passionate restaurants and businesses. I also really love that we begin as strangers on a tour, and by the end we're all friends!


A Message from the owner: 

Seven years ago, I took a leap of faith and started Omaha Culinary Tours, the first food tour company in the city. I'd spent years traveling around the world, and each time I returned home to Omaha, I was reminded of just what a hidden gem I get to call home. Her history is colorful, her culinary landscape is diverse, and her small business owners are fueled by passion and a desire to share their gifts with others. I knew I wanted to play a part in sharing that with the world. Since its inaugural tour in 2013 (mostly made up of gracious family and friends who braved the crisp February weather with a smile as we walked the streets of Midtown), Omaha Culinary Tours has connected thousands of individuals from near and far to Omaha's vibrant food scene, through walking and bus tours, as well as private events and educational classes led by some of the city's top chefs. I'm so grateful to call this city home, and I can't wait to share what she has to offer with you-- one bite at a time!   


   - Suzanne

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