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Visiting Omaha for the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder's Meeting this year?  It's less than a month away and whether you are local to Omaha or visiting, here's your chance to Dine Like Warren…


The annual meeting is scheduled for May 4th, and you can see the 2019 Visitor's Guide here, complete with a schedule of the weekend events and tantalizing incentives to owning shares.  If you are not a shareholder the get-together will be available via Yahoo live stream, and you can drool over all the discounts and opportunities available to those holding credentials.  From Borsheim's and Nebraska Furniture Mart discount-shopping times to the 7th Annual Invest in Yourself 5K, investors have a packed weekend of amazing ways to experience Omaha.  Following the Sunday morning walk-jog-run event, these individuals and groups are invited to a private dining experience at Gorat's Steak House, where they will get their own chance to Dine like Warren.​  


Steak, anyone?

Upon entering Gorat's, make sure you ask for a pin to mark your place of origin.  Then take a moment or two to see the wide range of pinpoints Gorats' visitors hail from.  This spot has hosted celebrities and dignitaries the world over.


During my visit to Omaha's famous Gorat's Steak House, there were no celebrity sightings, beyond the life-size cardboard stand of Warren Buffett.  However, you can walk in Warren's shoes -or sit in his seat rather- when you Dine like Warren and visit the local eateries he frequents.  Some of those spots are locally owned restaurants and are featured in various Omaha Culinary Tours events.


Talking with Grant Mathey and Gene Dunn, both owners of the classic steak house, I got to hear confirmation regarding Mr. Buffet's preferred order when he dines at Gorat's in a private three-seater room just off the main dining area.  This meal begins with a Gorat's house salad with blue cheese and a cherry coke, followed by the main course: a medium-rare T-Bone dinner with double hasbrowns.  


The T-Bone is expertly seasoned and brushed with butter, enhancing the light seasoning of this tender cut.  The hash browns are worth ordering a double portion and I'm telling you they are the best I've had in a restaurant; just the right mix of tender and crispy.  While the green beans are not a normal side for this giant's steak meal, they are nothing to sneeze at - also deliciously seasoned, they were the perfect combination for this steak and potatoes meal.


The local tycoon's name also graces the dessert menu, encouraging diners to enjoy life as he does: through food.  ​​​



Heard of the Billion Dollar Selfie?  Actually, let's correct that - it's the $63 Billion Dollar Selfie, and you can read about it here, on eCreamery's website.  eCreamery is another favorite spot of Mr. Buffett's and is featured on two of the tours that Omaha Culinary Tours offers.  For those of you who aren't familiar with the story, Warren Buffett and Sir Paul McCartney were the highlight of many a phone photo as they enjoyed treats from eCreamery on a bench outside the restaurant in Dundee.  As you can imagine, a crowd gathered close by to witness the two celebrities snacking on the dairy treats and McCartney ended up retweeting one of the images that was shared, reportedly marking the image as one of his favorites.  For those who want to Dine Like Warren (and Sir Paul McCartney), Warren enjoyed a...you guessed it...root beer float, and McCartney ordered two scoops of the award winning Vanilla Bean ice cream.


So what is the best way to try out this food?  Go make a reservation, of course!  Gorat's Steak House offers online reservations, or you can always call ahead and speak to their wonderful staff.  To try some legendary steak and sides at Gorat's, as well as other historical steak houses in Omaha, check out the Classic Steakhouse Tour.  Along with enough tasty bites to satiate any appetite, you get an earful of wisdom and stories that you will only hear from the OCT tour guides and restaurant staff - it's worth a listen!  

Already ate your meal?  You can always find room for a satisfying root beer float or award-winning scoop of ice cream.  Gorat's may be on the Classic Steakhouse Tour but do yourself a favor and order a frosty Coca-Cola mug of root beer and ice cream while you're there.  Or, if you're in the Dundee area and eyeing desserts, check out eCreamery's wide range of tasty ice cream flavors. eCreamery is featured on two Omaha Culinary Tours - the Dundee Walking Tour and the Bite of Mid-Omaha Bus Tour.  You win either way and these tours sell quickly.  If you can't find a spot on a scheduled tour, grab some friends and book your own!


Kat Hannemann is a contributor to the OCT blog. You can learn more about Kat, her photography business, and her blog at her website: https://www.entophos.com


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April 16, 2019

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